How TO Gain Weight

1) Eat more- 
If you are skinny then definitely have heard that you need to eat more and it is definitely true, keep checking your amount of calories is important as food plays the first role to gain weight. But what bothers you that how much calories need to take every day, So here we have an example: First calculate maintenance calories HERE if your maintenance calories suppose to be 1500 calories daily so just need to add more 500 calories to your diet, therefore your daily calories consumption is 2000. This is how anybody can achieve daily need consumption to gain weight.

But the beginning of this process as your body is not used to eat this much food because your whole life your stomach have been less digestibility,  at once a week starve yourself can help increase intestine so your body gets habitat to this much foods intake.

2) Eat Healthy Foods – Eating more foods definitely increase your weight but there is a difference between healthy muscles gain and fat gain choice is yours what you want. You can gain weight easily just by eating burgers, cheese, pizza, oily foods daily but it just helps to increase fat. So if you want the healthy weight, need to gain muscles mass so here healthy foods plays the best role, protein and carbohydrates are your best friends, can have good fats like eggs, nuts, seeds etc.
Protein-Protein is very much needed to gain muscles mass. Foods like eggs, nuts, green leafy vegetables, milk, coconut milk and much more list of foods contain high protein can help you to gain healthy weight. You should have required protein daily as depending on how much are you skinny, at least must have 0.7 to 1g of protein per pound of body weight.
Carbohydrates- Enemy for loosing pounds and best friend for weight gain plan. Bananas, milk, whole grain, potatoes, wheat, and brown bread. You can have snacks foods on occasion but try to avoid it as it contains unhealthy carbohydrates and your muscles need healthy carbohydrates. Put some extra healthy oil to diet like olive oil, coconut oil and also have some nuts within you when feel starve, this all can help to complete your daily calories needed.

Vegetables are the best combination of protein and healthy fat, so every meal should have vegetables whenever possible thus your body can manage all these calories.

3) Exercise- If you only choose to eat foods then fat belly would be your final result, therefore EXERCISE FOR GAIN WEIGHT  plays a very important role to have an ideal shape you always wish for. Exercise helps your body to give perfect shape but it is only possible when you start work for it. Do these exercises, and concentrate on getting as strong as possible with each of them. If you follow all these workouts and eat well then definitely gain some weight.

Here Compound Exercises is your best friend. That’s where Training comes in!

  • Shoulder Workout Overhead Press, lateral raise, front raise.
  • Biceps and Triceps Workout – 
  • Leg Workout – Squats, Lunges
  • Chest Workout-  Push-ups, Bench press, 
  • Abs Workout- Crunch, plank
  • Pull-ups
  • Forearm Workouts 

Links are given above for every workout you need to gain weight

 You need to work out every day but consider focus on one muscle at a day in your beginning. Every exercise should include 3 sets and each set should be 8-10 reps. These exercises use muscle so don’t forget to consume enough protein calories in your daily diet. Slowly your body adopts changes and muscles will grow.

4) Keep rest between your set It is important to keep rest between your sets for one or two minutes and never go beyond 10 reps in a set. Example you are doing bench press, so do 10 reps, wait a minute, again 10 reps, wait a minute, again 10 reps. This is how complete every sets.

5)Give some time to rest your muscles- Never exercise the same muscle two days in a row. Ideally when you workout, you are primarily damaging your muscles, so it takes time to recover but it is only possible when takes time to rest. Muscles need 48 hours to recover and rebuild stronger, in between 48 hours eat enough calories and protein to help your muscles to rebuild stronger. Example do arms workout, but next day work on different muscles like bench press for your chest.

6)Enough Sleep- When you sleep, your body is doing nothing but building muscles. So must have at least 7 hours of sleep daily but 8-9 hours if possible help for maximum gains. Less than 6 hours of sleep will not give expected results but slow progress. I know it’s tough but try to sleep early better than spending time on mobile phones. As screen light reduce sleep, it’s scientifically proved. 

7) Cardio is not good- Cardio helps to reduce fat in your body as skinny people have least fat so don’t need to spend time more than twenty minutes in your cardio. But if love to run then remember you need to consume more calories at that day. But keep a distance from cardio to minimum if wants to gain some pounds.

8) Keep Track- Keep track on your weight every week is the best habit. You should gain 0.3 pounds every week but if gaining more than this then reduce your calories a little bit. Keep patience with yourself everything needs time to be better than before.

9) Make it your daily habit- Workout, eating foods, enough sleep go with together if you wish for gain pounds every week. Sometimes it is okay to skip a workout but never go 3 days without a workout, and never skip any meal. 

Even following these routine not gaining weight, then keep track of your calories. Are you taking enough calories? or you are skipping lunch when busy at work or skipping breakfast when you sleep in?

10) Realize you also gain some fat but it’s okay- When start eating more than some way you gain fat on your muscles too but it’s okay! Just figure out what’s your goal weight and when you finally get to that weight, add more 5-10 lbs on top of it, cut off little calories in a diet, work more than before, more exercise and sprints, you will shed more fat quickly and be left with a killer figure.







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