Best Cardio to burn fat

At very first question comes when you think about weight loss is that- Which work better for losing weight “Cardio or Weight training”. Both are the best way to losing weight easily but it both has an advantage, what should you know if want to lose pounds easily every week. Today, we will talk only about cardio effects.

Cardio for losing weight

Cardio is the best to exercise when you are thinking about lose pounds but does it give you fast result compare to any other form of exercise. So what need to know is that cardio helps to burn calories fast until you are doing any cardio such as running, jogging, swimming etc. But does it burn calories after workout throughout a day, the answer is no, because it burns calories only at a time of workout but does not effect after a workout. It focus on only fat contain in your body but not targets on the muscles, so cardio is good when trying to burn calories instantly but not good, when trying to increase muscles strength.

Now must be thinking how hard should work and what is the best cardio for achieving your fitness goals can be confusing.

The good news you have that there is a wide range of option regarding cardio so you can choose any of them regarding your interest and comfort zone. You can try cardio at vary format daily basis as it prevents your body to get use of it and also keep you motivated, and you will not gonna feel bore, always increase your level after getting used of similar workout, you can use weight while doing cardio mixing up the workout.

Cardio For Weight loss

Some people decrease their daily diet into half so that pounds can easily decrease every week but somehow start to feel weak, So eating less is not give you the result, but eating healthy foods containing more protein and less carbohydrates is important. Therefore keep exercising is also important to lose calories and fat in your body. Here cardio comes first when you are thinking about losing calories at a time.

  • You burn more calories at every workout: The more you work, the more you burn calories. During your cardio when your heart beat reached your target heartbeat, then your blood is pumping faster, therefore you will sweating more and more calories burn out. According to gymnastics, a 150 Ib person can burn 150 calories during a 30-minute walk.
  • Increase your intensity while workout to burn more calories: Even minor changes you adopted in your cardio workout such as walk faster, jump higher, climbing hills and try new activities increase your metabolism so that it helps to burn more fat contain in your body. It is a very good start before your strength training workout.

More benefits: You do not need to cut out your diet when you work intensely throughout your cardio so you can maintain you diet but it works only when you don’t eat more than your maintance calorie level after your workout. You can do cardio more often because it is not like strength taining where need to give rest your muscles after a workout.

Best Cardio Available

There is no universal said that one cardio exercise give you a result but it is important to know that you need to spend everyday at one cardio exercise to give result. You can choose intense cardio exercise little bit but also need to do low impact cardio exercise to give rest to your body. So you can mix both high cardio impact exercise and low cardio impact exercise throughout your workout but also rest between your workout, don’t try any cardio where you will feel miserable. Here are some advice on what you can try:

  • Impact activities than others: Exercises such as running, walking definitely increase your heart beat than other exercises like swimming, cycling.
  • High impact exercises: Exercise like jumping can help you to burn more calories than walking, this is high impact exercise. But you can mix up high impact exercise with low impact exercise to increase the intensity.

Below are some details of exercise that how much calories can be burned by this exercise:

  • Swimming: 200
  • Walking 4 mph: 150
  • Running 5 mph: 270
  • Stationary bike: 300
  • Moving the lawn with a push mover: 200

Now, the question arises that, how much cardio you need to do?

So, according to the US department of health and human services recommended that 150 minutes per week with strength training but truth is that it all depends on the persons to the persons.

It actually depends on the age, how much calories you intake, intensity of exercise, and the rest time.

So always so much that you should not feel uncomfortable after your workout, should not also feel weak day by day. You should feel better and stronger after your rest.

In the next section, we will talk about strength training.

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