Shoulder Workout-3 Simple Steps

1) Overhead Press


Never forget to workout for your arms and first crucial exercise for this is Overhead press. This exercise works for your upper body strength and improves your body posture. Why should you do because it strengthens your whole body including core and leg. You need to do it with heavy weights depending on your strength, need dumbbells or heavy bags. Second, it helps to give the potential to lift more weight. This can be done in both ways by seating or standing posture. The overhead press is an excellent movement for those people who not only values external appearances but also wants to increase internal muscular strength.

  • you need dumbbells or heavy bags to perform. Hold dumbbells by your palms in the upward direction and stand straight. Arched your back and make sure you hold dumbbells tightly. Now lift the weight above your head and bring it slowly down till the level of your shoulder. Your back should be arched and straight. Keep doing 3 sets, each set includes 8-10 reps depending on weights of dumbbells.

2) Dumbbells Front Raise

Dumbbell Front Raise targets your shoulder muscles, increasing shoulder strength can improve functional abilities like lifting an object. For girls, it helps to tone your arms but always remembers that weight lifting does not cause bulk muscles like boys, so girls should also do weight lifting if they want to tone their arms and increase strength.


  • Stand straight-width apart and take two dumbbells.
  • Look toward and shoulder relaxed and arched your back.
  • Now lift both dumbbells to shoulder height as shown in the above picture, and then move your arms to downward.
  • li>Do these for 3 sets and each set include 10 reps.


3) Dumbbells Lateral Raise

it is the best to exercise for shoulders muscles as it enhances your physical appearance by creating size contrasts between your shoulders, waists, and hips. It also your back as a stabilizer so also work on your back little bit. Make your shoulder wider and strengthen it, make your hips slimmer.


  • Stand straight width-apart and arched your back.
  • Pick your dumbbells by your sides at arm’s length with the palms facing towards.
  • Now lift the dumbbells to your side with a slight bent on the elbows and continue to go until your arms are parallel to the floor and go down your arms as shown in the above picture.
  • Do this for 3 sets, each set include 10 reps,take a rest for 1-2 minutes after each set.

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